Mattias grew up on a remote former farm in Sweden. The local woods were steeped in folklore and Mattias very early developed a keen interest in stories and became a voracious reader of fables and myths. At the same time as his literary life developed he also pursued his other passion, sports, specifically ice-hockey. This lead to a career as a professional hockey player in Sweden's Championship division. Eventually Mattias decided it was time for a change and decided to hang up his skates and move to London. 

Fast forward a few years and Mattias had developed a new passion - Cinematography - which came about from his love of story telling and photography. He was introuced to film artists by the legendary Len Thornton of Soho Images and soon after started shooting installations for artists such as Catherine Yass, Runa Islam, Matt Stokes and many more. His work has twice featured in the Turner Prize, first time with Catherine Yass and second time with Runa Islam. Since then Mattias has moved on to shooting feature films, tv-drama and numerous commercials whilst still working in the film-art world.
His latest narrative work includes SIX FOUR, MAMMALS, WAR OF THE WORLDS, TWO WEEKS TO LIVE, BRITANNIA, PURE,  DETECTORISTS (s3), BANCROFT (s2), TRACES and the Christmas 3-part special of THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN

In July 2021 Mattias was accepted into the British Society of Cinematographers (BSC)