Heralding from the deep, dark forests of Middle Sweden, Mattias grew up on a remote former farm. The local woods were steeped in folklore and Mattias very early developed a keen interest in stories and became a voracious reader of fables and myths. At the same time as his literary life developed he also pursued his other passion, sports, specifically ice-hockey. This lead to a career as a professional hockey player in Sweden's Championship division. Eventually Mattias decided it was time for a change and decided to hang up his skates and move to London.
Fast forward a few years and Mattias had developed a new passion - Cinematography - which came about from his love of story telling and photography. He was introuced to film artists by the legendary Len Thornton of Soho Images and soon after started shooting installations for artists such as Catherine Yass, Runa Islam, Matt Stokes and many more. His work has twice featured in the Turner Prize, first time with Catherine Yass and second time with Runa Islam. Since then Mattias has moved on to shooting feature films such as SUPERBOB and FIRSTBORN, tv-drama and numerous commercials whilst still working in the film-art world.
His latest narrative work includes PURE, CATASTROPHE Season 4, DETECTORISTS Season 3, BANCROFT Season 2, the COLD FEET re-boot and the latest 3-part specials for THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN”

When Mattias isn't working he enjoys spending time in the woods with his dog BARNEY looking for trolls and other "so-called" mythical creatures...


"Mattias is an utter delight. An ebullient trooper with a great eye, who conjures up beautiful lighting & loves to storyboard over a beer. Bliss."  Louise Hooper (Cold Feet)
"Mattias stepped into some very big shoes on the third series of Detectorists, but filled them with ease. He is also very tall which saved us money on a ladder pod." Gill Isles, Producer Detectorists S3

"Mattias is an excellent human and ruddy glorious cinematographer. He held my hand through my first foray into tele directing and so shall always be a hero in my heart. He’s proverbially calm under pressure, collaborative, kind and knows the inimitable importance of good snacks on set. "
Alicia MacDonald (PURE)

“Mattias gives a shit. He’s not there to make money, he’s there to make films. We shall ride again soon my nazi princess.”
Jeff Low (Biscuit)
 "Mattias not only has a fantastic eye, but is a pleasure on set and most importantly he serves the film, not himself”  
Nirpal Bhogal (First Born)

"Mattias is both very talented and very nice. Two traits I lack".
Sam Hibbard (Somesuch)

"Mattias shot my first feature, so we're bonded together forever. It was scary and wild and I was worried I'd be no good at it, be he held my hand, looked me deep in the eyes and told me it would be ok. Our baby is more beautiful than I coud have hoped for, and that's all down to Mattias. It's got my sense of humour though. Which is a mixed blessing."
Jon Drever (SuperBob)

"Mattias was an absolute delight and pleasure to work with.  He was considerate and completely collaborative with the cast and helped created an incredibly positive atmosphere. He worked tirelessly to make our tiny film (SuperBob) look and feel like a fxxxing huge one.  I am forever grateful to him.”  
Brett Goldstein, Actor/Writer (SUPERBOB) 

"If he's as good a lover as he is a DOP then,  ladies, *** out **** **** because ***’** ** *** a treat.”  William Bridges (SHALLOW)

"One of the best collaborations I have ever had with a Cinematographer"
(Mattias forced me to write this quote for his website)
Michael Clowater (Smuggler)